Since 1880, ChoucriHamasni brand name has been linked with authenticity, quality, impeccable taste and enduring industry. ChoucriHamasni is one of the best suppliers of more than thirty kinds of roasted nuts and coffee beans worldwide.

In 1949...

In 1949, the factory modernized its work techniques and production, which had a good impact on local and foreign costumers.

From our main location in Downtown Beirut, our products reached Europe and America. We treated our work as an art and gave a better value to every detail. We selected the best quality of products and made sure we present them in the most elegant way.

Our story is a collection of major events including this year when we first created the idea of a mixed-nuts pack, which is our current selection…

In 1984...

In 1984, we flourished Internationally. We expanded our market in one of our most huge sites in Ontario Canada. We were granted the "Distinguished Product Award" for two consecutive years (1987-1988) by local the Canadian government officials.

In 1997...

We launched our main Branch on Bechara Al khoury street; our center point and the major connection with all of our branches.

In 2009...

Came the establishment of the Musharaffieh Branch followed by the successful construction of our online store. And it will never reach an end

  • 139Years of experience
  • 88Team Members
  • 60Products

Our Locations

Choucri Hamasni head office

Hamasni Bldg, Bechara El-Khoury Str, Ras el Naeh

Phone: +961-1-657850 Fax: +961-1-652658
E-mail: info@choucrihamasni.com

Mar Elias

Mar Elias Main Rd

Mar Elias Main Rd , Beirut, Lebanon.
Phone: +961-1-370 822.

Chtaura - West Bekaa

Chtaura - West Bekaa Main Rd

West bekaa rd, Zebdol, Lebanon.
Phone: +961-8-542413 Fax: +961-8-542939


Hadi Hassan Nassrallah street

Hadi Hassan Nassrallah street, Musharrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon. Phone: (961-1) 273994